Leone Cornici

The History

Versione italiana
Simona e Valentina Sernissi

Leone's workshop one of the most important Florentine artisans, has always been committed to riveverela tradition of restauration.
The main production are frames, mirrors and tabernacles.

We reproduce frames of any period from ('200 to 900') in any style Italian and Foreign. Also in the studio interventions are worked on contemporary models.

The technique and elaborations used, are the continuity of the fourteenth century: carved by hand on wood, building tabernacles and frames with antique wood, " gouache" gilding is done using only leaves of gold, the colours are made with only natural materials.

The tradition holds first place, but we also use techniques of modern P.C. Developing the photomontages, that we allow ourselves to show the customer their painting mounted on different models of frames, in order to help them imagine the finished work.

Wisdom, passion and tradition are guaranteed By Massimiliano Sernissi and mature and active work by his daughters Simona and Valentina.

In December 2006 "For Traditional Crafts" to the company leone, was awarded the Florence "Honourable Mention".

Museums, antique dealers, collectors around the world hold large framed artwork restored by Leone:

Museum: The Uffizzi Gallery- Florence
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York
County Museum of Art- Los Angeles
Genaidegalerie- Berlin
Museum of Contemporary Art - Bangkok

Restoration and supervision of artistic and historical heritage of Florence.

Some of many names of important antique dealers and private collectors:

Moretti- Florence
Sarti- london - Paris
Rob Paul Smeet - Milan Grassi - New York
Nobile- Bologna - Paris
Maison d'arte - Montecarlo

Sir Mark Fehrs Haukohl - The Houkohl Family Collection

We frame Modern paintings. These are some of many names:
Morandi- Fontana - De Chirico - Camiille Pissarro- Fernand Leger